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Lending Savers is an Asset Based Lender . We can consider all investment properties that are a non primary residence starting from 75k . We have No maximum loan amount . We can offer a  30 year fixed interest loan as the  lender of record . You will need a FICO score of 650 and above!

             We Lend  in all 50 States!

  • Asset Based Lending

  • Take Out Finance 

  • Commercial Multi and Mixed Use Loans 

  • Residential Investments 1 - 4 Units also 5 and above (Apartment complex)

  • Blanket Loans

  • No seasoning of funds required. 

  • Income verification is case by case as  per underwriting . 

  • 75% LTV

Family Viewing House

Our 3 Step Process:


1. Apply

Fill out our Quick Apply application.


2. We review your application

We review your goals and present you with programs matching your needs, getting an offer in 24 hours.


3. Receive funding

Choose the program that fits you best and receive funding within 48 hours.

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